Packaging waste and secondary raw materials

At Komteks we care for the environment. We operate with secondary raw materials in an environmentally friendly way.
Since 1982, when Komteks d.o.o. was founded, we have been collecting and transporting waste material. We cooperate within different fields, such as industry, municipal services, trade and public sector. We cooperate with individual customers as well. We take care of our common future, based on a long tradition and in harmony with nature.
We are very motivated and committed to take care of the resource renewal, aiming at the highest environmental goals possible. We ensure that secondary raw materials are processed and reused in the best way.
Komteks provides quality and professional services in the field of secondary raw materials collection. Our services are aimed at satisfying customers' demands while we follow our slogan “green is wise’’.
What we strive for?
The company will increase its market share in Slovenia and expand onto foreign markets.
Komteks will continue to provide quality and professional services.
Komteks will try to fulfill the wishes and needs of our customers and partners.
The company will build long-term positive relationships between employees and business partners, which will be based on trust, respect and positive attitude.
The collection of useful waste is adjusted to the needs and demands of our business partners. The waste materials that are the most interessting for us: paper and cardboard, scrap metal, non-ferrous metals, plastics, wood packaging, etc.
We collect newspapers, magazines, plastics, archival paper, white paper etc.; Industrial pieces of iron scrap, metal chips, metal constructions, barrels and machinery. Besides, we also purchase copper and copper cables, aluminium, brass, stainless metals etc.
Different types of plastics, such as LDPE foil, HDPE, PP, PS, MMA, XT, PC, and other useful waste material.
We provide reliable and environmentally friendly logistics service for transporting of useful waste from the producer to our warehouses.
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Komteks d.o.o.
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